The Team

Sam Gottesman



“From working for my father's photography business to the Montessori preschool my wife owns and operates, I have had close ties to small business my entire life.  It is because of this connection, and my first-hand experience of seeing how daunting the process of obtaining small business financing was, that led me to start Prestar Capital.

Prior to that, I managed the underwriting operations for The JG Wentworth Company™, where I focused on providing an efficient, customer focused transactional process for individuals that were looking for liquidity from their deferred annuity payments.  I hope to leverage my expertise in operational efficiency and my knowledge of running a small business to each business owner I talk to.

Honest and customized financing with excellent customer service: it’s what I believe in and I guarantee you will always receive those things when working with Prestar Capital.  I look forward to helping you grow your business.”

Sam was born and raised in suburban Los Angeles, CA and lived there until making the move across the country to attend the University of Pennsylvania where he was an offensive guard for the Penn Quakers Football team.  He now resides in Center City with his wife, two children and two bull terriers.  He enjoys being outdoors and has a passion for mountain biking and skiing.

Brian Lawlor



"Over the years, I have learned that customer service is more important than anything else I have done.  I've spent my entire career in Sales and Customer Service. Delivering on promises and taking care of my customers are so important in building relationships.  When I think back to my own experiences, there are only a few times I've been truly blown away by customer service.  We've built Prestar Capital to ensure we go the extra mile to make our customers' experience 'great', not just 'good'. "

Brian has BBA in Business Administration from Shippensburg University and will complete his MBA from Villanova University in the upcoming year.   Prior to starting Prestar Capital, he was Sales Director for The JG Wentworth Company™, the leader in structured settlement purchasing.  He currently lives in Montgomery County with his wife, daughter, and dog Ellie.   He enjoys golfing, home renovation, and skiing during his free time.

Randy Parker



"I have witnessed first-hand what tremendous leadership built on integrity can do to a growing organization.  I plan on using my experiences to ensure we match every small business owner with the best financing option that is customized for their needs.  As a young man, I saw how my father struggled to keep his local ice-cream shop in business because he couldn’t obtain the financing he needed.  The traditional banks would not approve a loan, and there were no alternatives for him to explore.  Since he had no other options, sadly, his business shut down. The ending to his story would have been much different if a company like Prestar Capital existed back then.  At Prestar, we are committed to helping small business owners, just like my father, by providing customized, high quality financing options. "

Prior to joining Prestar Capital, Randy spent 14 years with The JG Wentworth Company™ in various leadership positions.  Most recently, he was the President of the Annuity and Structured Settlement Payments division, and prior to his role as President, he was the Senior Vice President of Sales.  Randy was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and lived there until attending the University of Pennsylvania where he was an All-Ivy offensive lineman for the Penn Quakers football team.  In addition to his BA in Economics from Penn, he has an MBA from Villanova University.  He currently resides in West Chester, PA with his wife and two children.

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